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The British Council inspected and accredited Language Specialists International, Portsmouth in October 2010. This large private language school offers courses in general, academic and professional English for adults. Points of excellence were noted in aspects of general management, in premises, academic resources, self-access facilities, academic management, course design, pastoral care and accommodation. The inspection report stated that the organisation met the standards of the Scheme.

The level of achievement of service quality in this school is: Excellent

Points of Excellence:
  • The premises and facilities in general. In particular, the executive students’ lounge, the staffroom and management area, wet-weather provision, the student common room and cafeteria
  • Aspects of academic management including induction, resourcing and timetabling
  • Many aspects of general management
  • The flexibility of learning provision
  • The enthusiasm of both staff and students for LSI
  • The accessibility and approachability of management


Option 1: General English Course

Our General English course consists of 17.5 hours of lessons per week, plus an optional 5-10 hours of self-access study per week. Lessons start at 9.30 and finish at 15.00 from Monday to Thursday and at 12.15 on Fridays. The minimum age is 18 and maximum class size is 12. The course focuses on grammar in the morning classes and skills, such as speaking and listening, in the afternoons. Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to widen your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

Option 2: Intensive General English Course

Our Intensive General English course consists of 25 hours of lessons per week, 17.5 in a General English group (maximum 12 students per class), plus 7.5 hours in an Intensive General English group (maximum 10 students per group), plus an optional 5-10 hours of self-access study per week. Lessons start at 9.30 and finish at 16.30. The minimum age is 18. As with the General English option, grammar is the main focus of the morning classes, with skills, such as speaking and listening, being covered more in the afternoon lessons.


The courses are essentially practical and are designed to improve communicative performance in a wide range of professional, business and commercial contexts. Lessons may include English for meetings, English for negotiations, making presentations, dealing with numerical data, telephoning and teleconferencing, socialising and entertaining, fax, email, letter and report writing and cultural awareness.


This is an intensive and highly individualised programme and is often the most cost-effective and time-efficient alternative, as courses can be closely tailored to professional & social needs.


A ‘Closed Group’ consists of participants from the same company or organisation with compatible language levels. This option allows us to concentrate on the specific professional and linguistic needs which are particular to the group, and to introduce authentic materials from the client company. The maximum participants per group is six.


The ‘Open Group’ consists of a maximum of 4 participants from different companies for courses commencing on specific dates - please contact us for further information and availability. The group is normally mixed-nationality and participants should have a starting level of lower intermediate or above.


This option combines 50% one-to-one tuition with 50% open small group tuition and offers the advantages of both individual and group tuition; i.e. communication and contact with participants of different nationalities and commercial backgrounds for half of the day and concentration on the individual’s specific language difficulties and requirements in the other half of the day.


Our Professional English plus Golf programmes are designed to combine focused Professional Communications training with the practice, language and etiquette of golf in the country that invented the game. A variety of programme options are designed to suit a range of needs, from the relative novice at the game to the serious player wanting to improve their social communication skills for international applications within the game.

We specialise in the design of individually-tailored English for Professional Communications courses on a one-to-one or 'small group' basis. The courses are essentially practical and are designed to improve communicative performance in a wide range of professional, business and commercial contexts.

Now LSI Portsmouth bring together top-level training in professional communication and English language, with the etiquette, language and practice of golf.

Throughout the world, Golf is played by leaders in the business, financial and diplomatic community as an opportunity to network, build relationships and discuss business at the highest level in an environment which is relaxed, informal and yet completely private. English is without question the primary medium of communication among the key players in these worlds.


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